PACT LA - Positive Alternative Choices Today
Empowering BIG people to inspire little people (10-15) through work and learning
  PACT Kids Movie1-minute video  

Nonprofit PACT helps underserved 10-15
year olds
make their transition to adulthood a success! In PACT, kids avoid two of the worst "wrong turns" they can make: joining a gang or dropping out of school.

Acclaimed for how its adult-mentored Work Ethic (WE) program's "learning by doing" built self-esteem into upwards of 1000 at-risk 10-15 year olds, now we will work with PACT's longtime champion, LA Congressman Ted Lieu, to update the 1938 Federal Child Labor Law to permit safe work for children under 16; AND we will seek new character-building explorations for our kids.

  Help Rescue America's Kids from Dropping Out!View our short video   This year, PACT's Lifetime Education Empowerment Program (LEEP)will lead a nationally significant in school/after school demonstration with 20 struggling 7th graders. Each will proceed at his/her own pace, "learning how to learn," through the explicitly structured mentoring of BESP (Basic Essentials for Social Participation), until a student gets "stuck." Then they are taken to the IPP (Integrated Practice Protocol) lab for the deep probings of psychological factor analysis—all manner of physical and mental exercises—to assess & clear the learning block, after which they return to BESP to continue their "learning how to learn." (The video at left provides an overview; details are in the Learning Capabilities (LEEP) section.)  
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