PACT LA - Positive Alternative Choices Today

Nonprofit PACT helps at risk 10-15 year olds make their transition to adulthood a success! In PACT, kids avoid two of the worst "wrong turns" they can make: joining a gang or dropping out of school.

Acclaimed for how PACT’s Work Ethic (WE) program's "learning by doing" built self-esteem into upwards of 1000 at-risk 10-15 year olds, NOW we will work to add an exception to the 1938 Federal Child Labor Law, based on PACT’s proven safe work criteria for 10-15 year olds. (Details are in the Work Ethic (WE) section.) And, we will seek new character-building explorations for our kids.

PACT’s Lifetime Education Empowerment Program (LEEP) is proposing four nationally significant in school/after school demonstrations, each with 20 struggling 7th graders, each proceeding at his/her own pace, "learning how to learn," through the explicitly structured computer/workbook mentoring of BESP (Basic Essentials for Social Participation)—until a student gets "stuck." Then they are taken to the IPP (Integrated Practice Protocol) lab for the deep probings of psychological factor analysis—all manner of physical and mental exercises—to assess & clear the learning block, after which they return to BESP to accomplish their "learning how to learn" so they can join regular classes and graduate. (Details are in the Challenge (LEEP) section.)

PACT's Mission:

Empowering BIG people to inspire little people (10-15) through work and learning

PACT's Vision:

Opening the way, first in Los Angeles—ultimately nationwide—to accomplish two goals for our nation's at-risk children: learning by doing the Work Ethic (WE) and learning how to learn (LEEP)

Goal 1: To provide for more adult-mentored work experiences that inspire at-risk kids to transcend the temptations, neglect, drugs and violence in their environments, empowering them financially, as they learn and practice the work ethic. See Work Ethic section.

LA City Attorney Trutanich meets with PACT kids

Goal 2: To lead four nationally significant demonstrations of how struggling 7th graders, can succeed in school after school, each proceeding at his/her own pace, half time on the computer, half time on the work book, with the full-time personal support of two mentors for each class of 10, plus probing individual cognitive testing to identify and clear learning blocks. See LEEP section.

PACT Organization

Positive Alternative Choices Today (PACT)

A non-profit public benefit corporation chartered July 25, 1994
IRS permanent exemption status granted
November 16, 1999

Fed ID # 95-4487565
State # C-1748103
LAPD Charity Registration # W1291

1151 Amherst Avenue, Suite 16
Los Angeles, CA 90049

Phone: 310-313-0303

Registered with:
Guidestar, Better Business Bureau, Rainbow Directory

The PACT Board of Directors

William R. Ewald Chairman
Strategic Development Consultant

William R. Ewald merited recognition in "Who's Who in the World", "Who's Who in Finance and Industry", and "Who's Who in California" in the 1990's.

A graduate of Brown University, SCB Civil Engineering, Sigma Chi Consul, Brownbrokers (Musical), Dean's List, Brown Union President, he then enlisted and after 2 WWII ETA Army Battle Stars, Staff Sgt Ewald, in the Philippines, was editor of 86th infantry division's newspaper "Tandem Times."

Following postwar graduate studies at the Universities of Michigan, Cornell and Harvard, Mr. Ewald contributed to developing master plans for Elliel and Eero Saarinen, (Bloomfield Hills, MI) and for Skidmore Owings and Merriell, (The Atomic Energy Commission's Oakridge, TN.) Thereafter, he worked two years on policy development and new industry location for the Baltimore Association of Commerce, and the testing and creation of performance based regulations to control roadside commercial signs (published by HUD).

Then, for four years, as Chief of Development for Winthrop Rockefeller's Arkansas' Industrial Development commission, he regionalized the state, promoted planning and industrial sites throughout, created AIDC national advertising campaign, altogether resulting in 90,000 new industrial jobs.

Federal recognition of these accomplishments led to his appointment by the Urban Renewal Administration as Assistant Administrator (GS16 and top security clearance). Over the next 2 years, among other tasks, he led the recodifying in simple english of all urban renewal Federal regulations, for which he was cited, thereafter he established his Strategic Deveopment Consultancy with President John F. Kennedy among his first clients.

Among others, he has led projects funded by AIA, AIP, ASLA, HUD, the Ford Foundation, Rockefeller Brothers Fund, National Science Foundation, Battele Memorial Institute, U.S. Public Health Service, HEW, Commerce, NASA, American Institute of Architects, American Institute of Planners, Lawrence, Winthrop and Nelson Rockefeller, Interior, Urban Renewal Administration, New York State, Arkansas, Puerto Rico, General Electric President Fred Borch and Weyerhauser.

In 1976 the American Revolution Bicentennial Administration cited Bill's Santa Barbara National Science Foundation, RANN (Research Applied to National Needs) research project ACCESS (Alternative Comprehensive Community Environmental Study System) for its contribution to democratic policy making at the regional level. (Published by GPO, 2/3/76 as "Information, Perception and Regional Policy.").

Mentored 10-15 year old disadvantaged kids in PACT's Work Ethic Program 1994-2005. CEO/Chairman since 1996.

Former Executive Board Members

Sibyl Buchanan 2001-2010
Andrea-Nina Davis 2011-2015
Robert Feist 2001-2012
Ivan Huber 2009-2013
Seth King 2006-2007
Richard Krelstein 2006-2008
Harvey Kushner 2002-2003, 2009-2017 (dec. 2017)
Alfonso Morales 2002-2013
Steve Ornstein 1995-2008
Santiago Padilla 2002-2015
Wally Seimbab 1998-2012
Claudia Torres 2003-2012
Doug Wilmer 2009-2011

Executive Board Members

Judy Palms Adams

Lifelong, award-winning, sales person, retired.

Owner of a Florida shopping center.

From 1999- 2009 mentored 10-15 year-old disadvantaged kids in PACT's Work Ethic program.

Brett A. Godwin
(on leave)

18 years of creative teaching and counseling Middle School students, taught Special Education classes, developing many projects, team teaching and liasoning underserved students with Rotary and the police, coaching sports and inspiring students to a more disciplined lifestyle.

UC Berkeley AB Bachelor's Degree in History, 1985; Pepperdine University Masters Degree in History, 1996.

Pioneered middle school teaching, coached sports in high school, and in college was a member of the National Championship Water Polo Team, 1983 & 1984.

Rich Rossi

University of Maryland AB 1983, for the next 33 years successfully involved in real estate and the ,international entertainment industry, including marketing, sales and management.

Since 2007 serving as Director of the New York

International Film Festival working on several

international film and television projects.

From 2000-2008 mentored 10-15 year-old disadvantaged kids in PACT's Work Ethic program.

Advisory Board

Harvey D. Kushner (dec. 2017)

President, Kushner Management Planning Corporation - Palos Verdes Estates

After working for more than 30 years in developing and managing high-technology companies, Mr. Kushner formed Kushner Management Planning Corporation to consult in strategic and operations planning, acquisitions and mergers, corporate, management and technology development. He has served on and chaired the boards of many public interest organizations dealing with education and technology, as well as prominent university advisory boards including The Johns Hopkins University and the University of Maryland. Mr. Kushner is Executive Director of the Rose Kushner Breast Cancer Advisory Center, and has served as a member of the American Cancer Society's subcommittee on Breast Cancer Detection and Control. He resides with his wife in Palos Verdes, Calif.

Claudia T. Marroquin

Marketing Owner, CTM Services, Executive Director, Rolling Hills Foundation - Hermosa Beach

A native of Peru, Ms. Marroquin has worked with international clients in every business category. In 1995,she launched her own nonprofit consulting firm, CTM Service, which guides nonprofits in marketing, public relations and business development. She has become a strong director/leader for several non-profits in the USA and Latin America, and is currently the CEO of a non-profit in the South Bay providing education aid for youth in need. Ms. Marroquin is also a private etiquette teacher, teaching children and youth in the USA, Middle East and Latin-America and wrote the 2006 book "Etiquette with Babet" to teach students about proper etiquette. Ms. Marroquin lives in West Hollywood, Calif.
Santiago Padilla

Telecine Assistant, Riot Postproductions

A motivated young man who has been working in postproduction in Los Angeles for 10 years, Mr. Padilla grew up in a family of twelve children near the projects. A true American success story, he began working at the age of 12 at PACT, where he learned the true value of work ethics and responsibility. He has been able to help his family financially, and hopes to give back to the community as he continues down the path to a successful career in the film industry.
Administrative Support
Labor Attorney
David Cohen
Louise French
Liability Insurance
Officers and Directors Insurance
Gordon Smith

PACT Leadership Council Now Forming

This year PACT will be implementing the Leadership Council, inspired by Board and staff work sessions led by nationally recognized nonprofit consultant Marshall Howard.

As he put it, to be truly effective a Leadership Council's cause must be recognized as crucial, its programs well structured, and either proven effective or judged worthy of a test.


Indeed, PACT's learning by doing Work Ethic program (WE) is a 20-year proven success. It has shown upwards of 1000 impoverished 10-15 year olds the path to a wholesome, productive life—despite the threats and temptations that surrounded them, with nary a one registered with Juvenile Hall.

All are now better prepared and will be, with PACT's new proposed learning by doing Work Ethic program—especially PACT’s new Solar Kids promoting solar installations and other home opportunities door to door—for the stiff challenges that they face in this time of stagnant low and middle class opportunities, America having lost its vaunted world leadership in upward mobility.

Youngsters need to go forth with the inspiration that personal acquaintance with harismatic role models and caring mentors can provide. "BIG people inspiring little people(10-15) through work and learning".


This year PACT's Lifetime Education Empowerment Program (LEEP) will lead four nationally significant demonstrations of an innovative in-school, after school program Basic Essentials for Social Participation (BESP) combined with Integrated Practice Protocol (IPP) to rescue failing 7th graders (so judged by middle school counselors as unlikely to complete high school).

Since 1983 across this nation, there have been programs improving the curriculum and programs improving the teacher that have not achieved the desired improvement. PACT's demonstration of BESP/IPP, from education psychology firm SOI, Inc. concentrates on improving the student.

PACT Seeks BIG People

Over its twenty years, PACT has inspired upwards of 1000 underserved 10-15 year olds with the "learning by doing" of our Work Ethics (WE) program and the "learning how to learn" of our Lifetime Education Empowerment (LEEP) program.

Our goal is to carry on and enhance these crucial priorities for kids so they can achieve their personal potential, in school and in life, overcoming the circumstances they were born to.

To that end, PACT is organizing to provide new means to empower those adults who truly care, be it through bringing energy, inspiration and support onto our Executive Board, the Advisory Board or the barely begun Leadership Council.

Community leaders, eminent and/or famous individuals, and celebrities, when they publicly proclaim their support for a cause that touches them, have a way of energizing support for that cause like no other.

Leaders have followers. Suddenly their name connected to their cause, their talent, their resources, their time, their friends, generates strong support for their cause.

We welcome the crucial contribution that all can make.

PACT began its Leadership Council with:

  • Paul Cummins - Founder/CEO, Coalition for
    Engaged Education - Santa Monica
  • Robert Feist- Ravenswork, Inc. Founder, Sound Producer Documentaries, Films - Ojai
  • Ivan Huber- Entomologist, Ph.D. Professor Emeritus -
    Los Angeles
  • Alfonso Morales- Scientist/Engineer, Boeing -
    Los Angeles
  • Ernest Roberts- Executive director, PV Jobs Inc -
    Los Angeles

First-Rate Concerned Person Nominations are invited from all who read this. They will be followed up by the chairman and he will report back to you.