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You can be a $ponsor or a role model!

Be a sponsor...of the BESP/IPP demonstrations...or PACT's Work Ethic program!

Be a Work Ethic coach...afternoons/evenings/weekends!

Be a Work Ethic volunteer...when the time is right for you!

Be a Work Ethic companion...on all manner of outings...mostly weekends!

Support the BESP/IPP Breakthrough!

Donate now to support PACT’s DOCUMENTATION of these four BESP/IPP breakthrough demonstrations of how to “Help Rescue America’s Kids from Dropping Out!”

Who isn't aware of how America’s public education is failing? Especially our underserved youngsters, headed for poverty and a life of crime.

The psychological factor analysis of IPP can break through student learning blocks. Followed by BESP’s explicitly structured mentoring, in school, after school, each proceeding at their own pace half time on the computer, half time on a workbook, previously stymied students “learn how to learn,” acquiring enough education to catch up, join regular classes and graduate.

These four demonstrations will be DOCUMENTED daily, weekly, monthly to prove BESP/IPP works. (Just 20 struggling 7th graders per school, in school, after school, twice a week.) Once demonstrated and documented, hopefully BESP/IPP will build sufficient backing to be adopted by school districts throughout the nation.

Sponsor PACT's BESP/IPP demonstrations:

PACT is promoting four nationally significant demonstrations of how to achieve the upgrading of struggling 7th graders, some held back by perception or cognitive learning blocks. (See LEEP section.)

Each child proceeding at his/her own pace, 10 students per class, two classes per week, each meeting from 3-5 pm, one class Monday-Wednesday, the other Tuesday-Thursday, each with the mentoring assistance of two adults or mentors, for the balance of the school year. The mentors will be paid a small stipend for each 3-month period they work this challenge—hopefully more than one period.

Be a $ponsor of PACT's Learning and Work Ethic Programs

PACT invites you to pick your way to help at-risk children find their way into America’s mainstream. Your time–your dollars–can help make the difference.

PACT for the first time is actively seeking outside financial support from those individuals, estates, foundations, corporations, churches and government agencies with a priority stake in putting at-risk youngsters, at the early ages of 10-15, on the right track and diverting them from street life and gangs, and equipping them to complete high school.

President George H. W. Bush, at the 1997 inauguration of America’s Promise, the Alliance for Youth, stated there were 15 million youth who were out of America’s mainstream. Carnegie Corporation of New York with its 10-year, $10 million investigation (completed in 1992), proved once and for all the need for innovative, new, non-school hour programs for children in their vulnerable pre-adolescent years.

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Be a Work Ethic coach! (in Los Angeles)

How to Get Started as a PACT Coach. What we look for: mature adult 21+, upbeat, really cares about helping disadvantaged kids, a positive role model, good people skills, wants to make a difference, change-oriented, some college preferred. You must have a driver’s license, car insurance, a social security number, and a smile. Plus three strong character references and a clean record (you must be fingerprinted). PACT has never had an incident involving our kids and we've registered with each Westside municipality in which we've worked.

Volunteers are Love

Volunteers work when, where, and how they want to, and what they want to work for. We understand that. It’s your time, your passion, your skills that help children. You must be positioned to be effective and appreciated, and it has to fit into your personal schedule and be something you want to do to help at-risk children.

We just hope now that you've found us we’ll meet. We need you! If you like kids and agree their very childhood is under siege these days, we welcome you either to come take part with them in PACT’s child-enriching opportunities or apply your computer and office skills to the behind the scenes mechanisms that make it all go. PACT has all sorts of roles for volunteers - of all ages -to sustain, enhance and expand our programs.

Beach Trip

Be a Work Ethic companion (in Los Angeles)

Drive kids to special outings. Reimbursed 14¢/mile and for receipts provided for any snacks. Please provide a copy of your driver’s license and insurance.

The Shopping List: Support for the Work Ethic Program

Monthly Outings—museums, amusement parks, schooner sailing, flying, deep sea fishing, tours; $500-600 each.

Inspiring Forums—led by charismatic role models from all manner of occupations; $100 refreshments

15-Passenger Van; $15,000, insurance $375/mo.

Computers/Cameras—New or used

Stimulating Tours—of work sites and college campuses; $200-300 each

Travel/Communication—Sacramento, Washington DC, to lobby child labor exemption legislation; $500-$1000 round trip.

27 West Los Angeles Businesses Support PACT with Coupon Book

PACT Coupon Book

In 2009, PACT offered a value-packed coupon book featuring some of the finest restaurants and retailers in the area. Those coupon books, available only through PACT, featured local businesses that support PACT’s mission to provide real-world work experience and enhance youngsters´ self-esteem in an effort to break free of the cycle of gang involvement. This year our kids will offer social media promotion to these and other Westside businesses.

Archer Pilates
(310) 215-0300
(310) 645-0456
  Rees Electronics
(310) 475-0859
B&B Hardware
(310) 390-9413
  Easy Fitness
(310) 822-4343
  Dr. Schulze’s
(310) 577-9999
(310) 477-1426
  Moti Gur
(800) 808-2167
  Shaw Plumbing
(310) 496-1968
Cafe Bruna
(310) 823-2430
  Ion Ways
(310) 699-9779
  2 Brothers Auto
(310) 202-0047
Cardio Plumbing
(310) 398-5421
  Lenzini’s Pizza
(310) 305-0305
  Universal Art Gallery
(310) 302-8909
Casa Sanchez
(310) 397-9999
  Michael’s Cleaners
(310) 203-0609
The UPS Store
(310) 915-6580
CEO Organizer
(310) 650-570 4
(310) 496-3966
U.S. Bank
(800) US BANKS
The Clay Pit
(310) 476-4700
Playa del Rey Florist
(310) 821-8984
Yogurt Factory
(310) 820-1992
Del Mar Cleaners
(310) 482-0080
(310) 393-1467
Z Expert
(310) 396-7200